It’s a Good Life

It's a Good Life

This image can be viewed as ironic, comical, or even a positive statement about the American ability to ignore the consequences of our actions and just bliss out on the TV, at least if one has a very optimistic point of view. Therefore I would not prefer to go in depth into the meaning of the piece, except to say that I believe it is timely. The images were chosen for both what they represent and for how well they seemed to blend into the overall piece. I used brush tools, the eraser tool, blur tool, the pen tool extensively, and used a lot of transform on the images. It is meant to be surreal but still blend together somewhat into a cohesive image.

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  1. mpasse says:

    My earlier text did not post. This image is meant to be a little ambiguous, although I think its meaning is clear enough. I would prefer the viewer to decide if it is comical, ironic, scathing criticism, or a little of all these as it regards our culture’s ability to remain oblivious to the consequences of our actions and just look the other way. I chose images that seemed to blend with the background, but I was not going for hyper-realism; I wanted it to be a bit surreal. I extensively used the pen tool, some paintbrush and pencil tool, blur tool, eraser tool, and I used the transform tool a lot to skew, re-size and change the perspective on some of the images. Yes, I know I appropriated the title of an old Twilight Zone to title the image, but I liked the irony (and who did irony better than Rod Serling?) and did not want to use anything really blatant that would force the viewer to approach the image in one particular way or another.

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