The Man Behind the Curtain

The Man Behind the Curtain

“What’s a man now? What does it mean? Is he rough and is he rugged, is he cultural and clean?” – Joe Jackson

Here, I was contemplating the uneasiness of being in a man in this strange point in time, when popular media bombards us with an endless stream of hyper-macho jocks, military men and rappers with ridiculously exaggerated physiques, while at the same time most of the traditional male jobs that might require all those over-developed muscles in construction and manufacturing have been all but obliterated or shipped overseas. Here’s a confused man for your consideration. Is he gay? Straight? Bi? Does it matter? Just what DOES it mean to be a man? My response in this image may be painfully cliched, but there it is – be who you are, whoever you are.

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